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Global Best Awards @ IPN2016 -

Submissions now being accepted!

The IPN in partnership with the Conference Board of Canada is delighted to announce that submissions for the GBA’s @ IPN2016 are now being accepted.

If you are a member of the IPN or are registered on our database you will receive the announcement by email with links to take you to the relevant pages of our website. Alternatively you can click here! We look forward to receiving your submissions!

nho logoIPN2016, Oslo, Norway – 14-16 September 2016 

The IPN is working with NHO, an affiliate member of the IPN and chair of the Norway2016 Organising committee, to put together an exciting event in Oslo in September 2016. Meet the Norwegian organising committee! 

Houston Feb 2016

For a taste of what you could experience watch Houston – The Trailer

Or for the full experience of the latest trip, Houston 2015 watch - Houston2015 – The Movie

Want to star in Houston2016 – The Movie?  - click here

Research and Tools to support partnership development

Ethical Guidelines and Operating Principles  launched at IPN2014 in Brussels by the Conference Board of Canada.

Value Assessment Process (VAP) Workbook. It’s a decision making tool to help establish partnership objectives and assess value.









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