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Goodbye IPN2016, Howdy IPN2018!

It’s hard to believe that IPN2016 is over, it only seems like yesterday that we were closing IPN2014 in Brussels, Belgium and looking forward to IPN2016 in Oslo! Now its on to IPN2018 in Houston, Texas! #bringafriend2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in IPN2016, we appreciate your on-going support and hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Pictures of the Global Best Awards have now be sent to GBA contacts via drop box, additional pictures from the event will be uploaded to the IPN website in the coming days.

We promised to initiate a GBA Alumni and have already started planning this. In the coming days you will receive an email asking if you are willing to be part of this, we really hope you will!

Thanks again from all involved in organising and planning IPN2016!

Houston Feb 2016 – Mission complete!

Delegates who took part in the IPN International Space Education Professional Development Program are all now safely back home and hopefully, for them, life in the classroom will never be the same again! They spent an amazing week in Clearlake, Houston, home of the US Space Program. They met astronauts, engineers, scientists and fellow STEM teachers and in the words of one of the delegates ‘ I think my head is going to explode…….it’s been more than I could ever have imagined!’ Watch this space for pictures and more comments from participants!

If you would like to be take part in future trips then for a taste of what delegates experience watch Houston – The Trailer

Want to star in Houston2017 – The Movie?  - click here

Research and Tools to support partnership development

Ethical Guidelines and Operating Principles  launched at IPN2014 in Brussels by the Conference Board of Canada.

Value Assessment Process (VAP) Workbook. It’s a decision making tool to help establish partnership objectives and assess value.

Partnerships Report Partnering for Performance was published by the Conference Board of Canada in January 2016 and highlights the importance of partnership between post secondary education and business to Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity.


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