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NASA speaker announced @ IPN2016

Sue Lederer and Rick Hieb

The IPN is delighted to announce that Dr Sue Lederer, Planetary Space Scientist from the Orbital Debris Program Office at NASA will be joining former NASA astronaut Rick Hieb to deliver the keynote speech at IPN2016. Sue’s role at NASA involves research into both orbital debris as well as planetary science, with emphasis on comets and asteroids. In layman’s terms she studies junk created by humans in orbit around Earth and the left over junk created by the Solar System when it formed! Sue is an inspiring speaker and an exceptional role model for women in Science and Technology. Sue and Rick both have extensive experience in educational outreach activity and presented together several times in Scotland earlier this year. They will deliver a keynote speech not to be missed! If you haven’t yet registered for IPN2016 do it NOW!

Rick Hieb welcomes delegates to IPN2016 in Oslo!

IPN2016 – Rick Hieb

STEM Keynote Speaker  Former NASA Astronaut, Rick Hieb

Rick is a former NASA astronaut and a veteran of three space shuttle missions. He was a mission specialist on STS-39 and STS-49, and was a payload commander on STS-65. Rick has logged more than 750 hours in space, including 17 hours performing EVA (Extra Vehicular Activities – Space Walks). For more…..! 

Partnership Research(Elementary to post-secondary)

 Keynote by Michael Bloom and Doug Watt of the Conference Board of Canada. 

Michael Bloom is the Vice-President of Industry and Business Strategy at The Conference Board of Canada. Michael is responsible for managing five research groups including   Education, Health & Immigration Programs and Organizational Excellence. For more…..!

Doug is the Director of Research, Industry and Business Strategy, at The Conference Board of Canada. Doug has focused much of his work over the past two decades on skills, learning, competitiveness, innovation, partnerships and productivity. For more…..! 

Social Entrepreneurship Keynote by Johan Andresen, CEO of Ferd

Johan H. Andresen is the Chairman of the Board of Ferd. The company is fully owned by him and his family. He has an MBA from Erasmus, Rotterdam School of Management, and a BA from Dartmouth College. Ferd is one of the largest privately held industrial and financial groups in Norway. For more……!

Other speakers at IPN2016 include:

Ellen Therese Rasmussen, Union ConsultGirls and Technology

Evita Tasiopoulou, EuroSchoolNet  - EU Space Awareness

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IPN2016, Oslo, Norway – 14-16 September 2016 – Conference website now LIVE!

The IPN has been working with NHO, an affiliate member of the IPN and chair of the Norway2016 Organising committee, to put together an exciting event in Oslo in September 2016. The IPN and the Norwegian conference partners are delighted to announce the IPN2016 website where you can find all you need to know about IPN2016 and of course where you can register to attend the event.

Houston Feb 2016 – Mission complete!

Delegates who took part in the IPN International Space Education Professional Development Program are all now safely back home and hopefully, for them, life in the classroom will never be the same again! They spent an amazing week in Clearlake, Houston, home of the US Space Program. They met astronauts, engineers, scientists and fellow STEM teachers and in the words of one of the delegates ‘ I think my head is going to explode…….it’s been more than I could ever have imagined!’ Watch this space for pictures and more comments from participants!

If you would like to be take part in future trips then for a taste of what delegates experience watch Houston – The Trailer

Want to star in Houston2017 – The Movie?  - click here

Research and Tools to support partnership development

Ethical Guidelines and Operating Principles  launched at IPN2014 in Brussels by the Conference Board of Canada.

Value Assessment Process (VAP) Workbook. It’s a decision making tool to help establish partnership objectives and assess value.

Partnerships Report Partnering for Performance was published by the Conference Board of Canada in January 2016 and highlights the importance of partnership between post secondary education and business to Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity.










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